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Case Study - PVC bags for motor sport


We worked with a renowned Formula 1 team to produce custom profile PVC bags using our high frequency (HF) welding techniques.


The problem

The existing PVC bags were failing in the application due to poor quality welding, leading to frustration for the racing team.  With the racing season in full swing an urgent solution was required.


Next Steps

The Adtech R&D team worked closely with the client’s quality team during a site visit and provided examples of our welding and suggested improvements to the design and configuration of the current PVC bag design.

Samples were produced using R&D tooling within a 2-day window enabling the samples to be evaluated quickly.

Approval was given to proceed with a new design.


The solution

We were supported by Premier Tooling Systems Ltd to create the bespoke weld tools required.

Customer specific stock codes were added to the system with a specific testing criterion under water at a known pressure for 5 minutes to ensure the integrity of the welded seams and connector welds.

The new design bags were shipped within the 2-week time scale we were provided.


Adtech capability

We have 3 high frequency welding machines and a dedicated HF welding team who are experienced in producing custom bags and 3D components from PVC and PU films.

We stock a standard range of PVC film in different thickness, and we can source alternatives in different grades, thickness, and colour to suit each customers application.

We can apply lot number detailing and labels as required welded directly to the bags.

Our ability to create flanged PVC tube connectors offers greater flexibility to our clients.

For new product development we have a range of straight R&D weld tools so we can usually create prototypes to enable initial testing before committing to the bespoke welding tools.

We’re happy to produce small production volumes as well as larger annual production volumes.


Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative PVC solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our HF welding capabilities in PVC and PU.

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