coated probe covers

plugged ptfe probe covers

Due to its unusual properties, PTFE is an ideal material for covering and encapsulating instrumentation probes.


Plugged PTFE probe covers are PTFE tubing terminated with a welded plug. The probe covers are manufactured from moulded, machined or welded PTFE without any metal internal support.

The benefits of plugged PTFE probe covers are that any size and wall thickness can be supplied from our standard PTFE tubing stock, ranging from 0.20mm to 25mm ID.


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Plugged PTFE Probe Cover Features

We have perfected a process for welding PTFE to PTFE, and each plugged end is electronically tested to 10 KV to ensure total integrity of the weld.

Fittings supplied are threaded, which allow connection to female threaded mounting points. If a flanged connector is required, a flange can be supplied to suit, threaded to take the probe.

Capacitance level sensors are commonly covered using this technique. However, these probe covers are not normally heat shrinkable.

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