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coated probe covers

thermowell & sensor probe coating

Thermowell and sensor probes allow for small diameter and flexible temperature probes to work in hostile conditions.


We use a variety of technologies to encapsulate measurement elements. We can cover any length or diameter of probe, without damaging delicate sensor elements inside.

Techniques used include FEP shrinkable tubing, moulding, spray coating and fluoroplastic welding. This enables us to produce probe covers from 0.50mm to 40mm diameter and any length. We also encapsulate mercury in glass thermometers for shatterproofing.

The maximum working temperature for our FEP coating is 200°C. For applications that require a higher temperature, you should select a PTFE or PFA coating, which will withstand 260°C.


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PFA, PVDF & E-CTFE Spray Coating

For complex shapes and faster temperature response, spray coatings offer an advantage.

Coatings produced in PFA, PVDF and E-CTFE are generally 35-40 micron thick and depend upon the thickness of the metal substrate.

All are spark tested to 2 KV.

All these coatings are subject to over curing at temperatures above 300°C, therefore the probe and contents must be capable of withstanding this temperature.

Any free issue metal parts must be prepared for coating. All corners must have a minimum of 1.50mm radius, welds must be ground smooth and have no inclusions or air pockets. Thin and thick metal sections should also be avoided on the same component.


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For advice on the best material and size for your application or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our customer service team:

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