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coated probe covers

universal fluoroplastic temperature probes

The total chemical resistance offered by universal temperature probes make them attractive for universal applications, allowing stocking of only one type of probe that can be used for all environments.


Where small diameter or flexible temperature probes are needed in hostile conditions, we have developed a range of temperature probes with the sensor element encapsulated in the tip.

Using platinum resistance (PT100) or type K thermocouple sensor element, a universal temperature probe is temperature sensor element completely encapsulated in an FEP probe cover. Alternative sensors including thermistors and other thermocouple types are available to special order.

The FEP probe cover extends from the tip of the probe right up to the wire terminations. The standard length is 1 and 2 meters, however longer lengths are possible - therefore any immersion length is possible.


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Universal Temperature Probe Features

As the probe cover is pure fluoroplastic, it can be used in any application up to 200°C. It withstands all chemicals and solvents and can be made from FDA approved material for food and medical applications. It is low cost compared with equivalent products.

For simplicity of insertion and connection to equipment, a PTFE sliding gland fitting is available. If necessary, a fitting or sealing flange can be moulded in place anywhere along the length of the probe, where a gland type fitting cannot be used.

For advice on the best material and size for your application or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our customer service team:

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