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UltraFit© fluoropolymer Roll Covers

Fluoropolymer UltraFit© roll covers are designed for use with bespoke 'C' or 'Banana' style rollers.

UltraFit© heat shrinkable roll covers are designed to enable our clients to install larger diameter sleeves over their rollers in house.

Once heated these ‘UltraFit©’ sleeves perform in a different manner to our standard ‘ARC’ FEP and PFA roll cover sleeves, as they do not extend in length as they recover in diameter.  Whereby, ensuring a perfect ‘shrink fit’ over the roller. 

This enables the process to be carried out by less experienced installers, improves the application time, and reduces scrap due to the incorrect application of sleeves.



UltraFit© Fluoropolymer Roll Covers

This style roll cover sleeve is available in sizes from 21mm to 350mm ID and are made to order. Find our UltraFit© Fluoropolymer Roll Covers Sizes. For sizes below 21mm ID, see our FEP Heat Shrink Sleeving Range.

We are also able to custom manufacture virtually any size for special applications in single quantities.

If the FEP roll covers are to be bonded to the roller, the inside surface needs an etching treatment to make it bondable. 

The chemical etching process is normally carried out to order on FEP roll covers that are held in stock. Find out more about our Fluoroplastic Chemical Etching Service.


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Benefits of UltraFit© Roller Coatings

  • Highly non-stick/release surface

  • Designed for use on curved (banana) stretch rollers

  • Fast & easy replacement

  • Less maintenance

  • Available in FEP and PFA resins

  • Extremely high working temperature of 200 °C or 250 °C

UltraFit© Roll Cover Sizes

Adtech Part No
Supplied ID (mm)
Recovered ID (mm) 
ARC/UF/16 21 16
ARC/UF/19 25 19
ARC/UF/23 27 23
ARC/UF/27 34 27
ARC/UF/32 41 32
ARC/UF/40 50 40
ARC/UF/46 60 46
ARC/UF/56 67 56
ARC/UF/65 81 65
ARC/UF/80 91 80
ARC/UF/100 116 95
ARC/UF/125 148 113
ARC/UF/150 174 130
ARC/UF/175 180 150
ARC/UF/200 203 177
ARC/UF/225 241 204
ARC/UF/250 266 242
ARC/UF/300 315 266
ARC/UF/350 350 315


How to Apply FEP Roll Covers Demonstration Video

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