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Fluoroplastic products

gas sample bags

Gas sampling bags can be welded from FEP or Tedlar® film.


Our gas sample bags are made from carefully selected fluoroplastic films and are produced under clean conditions. We have designed and built our own welding equipment to ensure seams of the highest integrity in these specialised materials.

Gas Sample Bags Range

Our gas sampling bags are manufactured in a range of standard sizes, from 1 to 300 litres, but any size can be made to order.

The films used as standard are FEP and Tedlar® in 50 micron (0.002"). However, we can manufacture in most other film materials for special requirements. Single or multiple-use designs are also available.

Tedlar® film is tougher and more economical and is commonly used in gas, odour and automotive emission testing. FEP gives the ultimate in low contamination and easy cleaning. FEP gas bags are normally specified for odour sampling and applications where a very low ppm are involved.

The range of PTFE and Polypropylene connectors offered suits most applications, however, we can also apply custom free issue connectors if required. Connectors are inserted into the gas sample bag in such a way that only fluoroplastic material can come into contact with the gas sample.

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Gas Sampling Bags Features

  • No contamination of gas sample

  • Easily cleaned for re-use by gas flushing

  • Very low permeation of gases through the wall of the bags

  • Special designs for unusual requirements

  • Internal manifolds if required

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The best material for gas sample bags

Tedlar, FEP and PVC are widely used to make gas sample bags. But what are their differences? Discover what makes them unique materials, and which one is best suited to your application

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Case study: Large capacity gas sample bags for VOC testing project

We supplied Tedlar® bags for VOC testing of in-cabin automotive components. These needed to be tested for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and carbonyl traces at elevated temperatures.

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Case study: Bespoke PVC bags for collecting breath at festival

We were delighted to be asked to work with local artist Neville Gabie. We designed and produced a bespoke PVC bag for collecting the breath of 1100 visitors at the 2014 WOMAD music festival.

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