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gas sample bags

tedlar® gas sample bags

Tedlar® gas sample bags are generally used for gas, odour and automotive emission sampling for VOC’s.


Tedlar® film is tougher and more economical than FEP and is commonly used in vehicle emission testing.

Our gas sampling bags are manufactured in a range of standard sizes, from 1 to 300 litres, and the standard thickness of film offered is 50 micron, but any size can be made to order. Find our Tedlar® Gas Sample Bag Sizes.

The range of PTFE and Polypropylene connectors offered suits most applications, however, we can also apply custom free issue connectors if required.

Larger multiple use Tedlar® bags are often specified with internal FEP scavenger pipes to ensure complete evacuation of gases before re-using the bag.


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Crinkle Effect Tedlar® Bags

We can offer crinkle effect Tedlar® film for use in applications where a fast evacuation of the gas sample bag is required, without needing to use an inner FEP manifold.

The crinkle effect Tedlar® film is vacuum-formed and prevents the film blocking together.


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Tedlar® Gas Sample Bag Features

  • No contamination of gas sample

  • Easily cleaned for re-use by gas flushing

  • Very low permeation of gases through the wall of the gas sample bags

  • Range of inert connectors for ease of use

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Special designs for unusual requirements

  • Large capacity chambers

  • Internal manifolds if required

Standard Tedlar® Gas Sample Bag Sizes

Manufactured from 50 micron film

Capacity (litre)
Size (mm)
3 250 x 250
5 300 x 300
10  300 x 500
20 450 x 450
50 600 x 600
60 600 x 900
75 600 x 1000
100 600 x 1200
175 750 x 1500
200 1000 x 1000
300 1000 x 1500


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