gas sample bags

gas sample bag connectors

Connectors are inserted into the gas sample bag in such a way that only fluoroplastic material can come into contact with the gas sample.


We stock a range of standard PTFE connectors, and for less sensitive applications we also offer a dual use Polypropylene connector.

Find our range of PTFE and Polypropylene gas sample bag connectors below.

More than one connector can be applied to each gas sample bag, and the orientation of these can be tailored to our customers' needs and equipment restrictions.

For larger multiple use gas bags, it's recommended that an internal manifold of FEP scavenger pipes is added to the bag to ensure complete evacuation of gases before re-using the bag.

Should you have bespoke connectors for specific testing equipment, these can also be applied to new bag outers.


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PTFE Connector Options

  • Metal eyelets for supporting bag

  • Curtain seams for support rod

  • Multiple connectors

  • FEP or PTFE external tubing

  • Internal FEP scavenger pipes

  • Other films and film thicknesses

  • Special connectors and additional fittings

Polyproplyene 3/16” Gas Sample Bag Connector
PTFE 1/4” Tap Valve Gas Sample Bag Connector
PTFE 1/4” Standard Gas Sample Bag Connector
PTFE 1/8” NPT Female Gas Sample Bag Connector
PTFE 3/16” Dual Use Twist Closure Gas Sample Bag Connector
PTFE Septum Gas Sample Bag Connector
If you’re unsure which connector to select or if you wish to discuss your specific requirements, contact our customer service team:

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