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gas sample bags

fep gas sample bags

FEP gives the ultimate in low contamination and easy cleaning. FEP gas bags are normally specified for odour sampling and applications where a very low ppm are involved.


Our gas sampling bags are manufactured in a range of standard sizes, from 1 to 300 litres, and the standard thickness of film offered is 50 micron, but any size can be made to order. Find our FEP Gas Sample Bag Sizes.

The range of PTFE connectors offered suits most applications, however, we can also apply custom free issue connectors if required.


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Multiple Use FEP Bags

Multiple use FEP bags can have a Kapton reinforced weld to increase life, and larger multiple use bags are often specified with internal FEP scavenger pipes to ensure complete evacuation of gases before re-using the gas sample bag.


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FEP Gas Sample Bag Features

  • No contamination of gas sample

  • Easily cleaned for re-use by gas flushing

  • Very low permeation of gases through the wall of the gas sample bags

  • Range of inert connectors for ease of use

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Special designs for unusual requirements

  • Large capacity chambers

  • Internal manifolds if required

Standard FEP Gas Sample Bag Sizes

Manufactured from 50 micron film

Capacity (litre)
Size (mm)
3 250 x 250
5 300 x 300
10  300 x 500
20 450 x 450
50 600 x 600
60 600 x 900
75 600 x 1000
100 600 x 1200
175 750 x 1500
200 1000 x 1000
300 1000 x 1500


If you need help in selecting a suitable material for your application, contact our customer service team:

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