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gas sample bags

PVC & PU gas sample bags

By using our standard and high frequency (HF) welding equipment we can make bags out of most plastic films: PVC, Polyurethane, Halar, Mylar and Metallised Laminates.


PVC & Polyurethane (PU) Sample Bags

Standard PVC bags are welded from 0.25mm thick film using a high frequency (HF) welding process. 

PVC and PU sample bags are made to order, and we work with a wide variety of different thicknesses and grades to suit your individual needs.

With our bespoke welding techniques and HF welding equipment, we can produce complex three-dimensional configurations. We offer small batch quantities and carry out development work for new projects.


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PVC Gas Sample Bag Connectors

We have a unique method of producing flanged connectors from flexible PVC tube, and can also offer a range of rigid PVC connectors and cap closures.

Find out more about our Gas Sample Bag Connectors.

Halar & Metallised Laminate Gas Sample Bags

Our standard welding process can be used with Halar and metallised laminates.

Gas sample bags made from these films are made to order and subject to minimum order quantities.


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