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Fluoroplastic products

heat shrink Tubing & sleeving

Fluoroplastic high temperature heat shrink sleeving is the ultimate choice for applications that need high resistance to temperature, chemicals, solvents and UV light.


With a choice of shrink ratios up to 4:1 and working temperatures of up to 260°C, the applications for heat shrink tubing and sleeving are limitless.

Newly developed production methods mean that the PTFE and FEP heat shrink sleeves are now as competitive as inferior polymers, and with their use, product quality can be improved with little or no extra cost.

Heat Shrink Tubing & Sleeving Range

We offer the choice of PTFE, FEP and PFA heat shrinkable tubing, which all have their own special properties in both shrinking characteristics and working performance. 

Our PTFE and FEP heat shrink sleeving is available in a variety of standard sizes. However, we appreciate that every customer's application is unique, and we also produce a custom size heat shrink sleeve to order.

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Mechanical Heat Shrink Applications

The combination of low friction and temperature resistance allows high temperature heat shrink sleeving to be used in applications such as the encapsulation of temperature sensors, battery pack assemblies, medical devices, non-stick roller covering and shatterproofing lamps.


Electrical Heat Shrink Applications

Due to the excellent dielectric properties, PTFE and FEP heat shrinkable sleeves find many applications in electric and electronic engineering. These include the insulation of connections in hot environments such as toasters and soldering irons.

Medical Heat Shrink Applications

Inert, non-toxic, and bio-compatible are properties sought after by medical device manufacturers.

Our PTFE and FEP medical heat shrink tubing is widely used by medical device manufacturers and can be produced from FDA and USP Class VI compliant raw polymers.

We offer full traceability for materials supplied for these applications.

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