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Heat Shrink Tubing

ptfe/ FEP dual wall heat shrink sleeving

PTFE/ FEP dual wall heat shrink consists of a heat shrinkable PTFE sleeving with an inner FEP wall.


The unique properties of the dual wall heat shrink sleeving lends its utilisation in any application that requires a high working temperature, non-stick surface, high electrical resistance and chemical resistance.

With PTFE/ FEP dual wall heat shrink, it is possible to ‘pot’ components in pure fluoroplastic and protect them against mechanical and chemical exposure, even in immersed conditions.

PTFE/ FEP dual wall heat shrink sleeving is available in standard sizes, from 0.9mm to 11mm ID. Find our PTFE/ FEP Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving Sizes.


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PTFE/ PFA Dual Wall Heat Shrink

For higher temperature applications, PTFE heat shrink sleeving with an inner wall of PFA is recommended.

This is available to special order.

PTFE/ FEP Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving Sizes

Adtech Part No
Supplied ID (mm)
Recovered ID (mm) 
Wall Thickness (mm) 
FIP19T 0.90 0 0.60
FIP16T 1.50 0 0.60
FIP14T 2.20 0.50 0.60
FIP13T 2.70 1 0.60
FIP12T 3.20 1.40 0.60
FIP10T 4 1.50 0.60
FIP09T 4.50 1.60 0.60
FIP08T 5 2 0.60
FIP06T 6.50 3.5 0.60
FIP04T 8.50 4 0.60
FIP02T 9.50 5.50 0.80
FIP00T 11 7 0.80


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