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fluoroplastic products

shatterproof FEP LAMP coatings

The most common cause of glass contamination is the mishandling of lamps and bulbs during routine lamp maintenance and can be prevented with the use of shatterproof coatings.


Used initially for UVA  lamps in electronic fly killers, and subsequently for UVC and white lights, FEP has proved to be the ultimate coating material for shatterproofing lamps for this application. It allows glass and mercury to be safely contained when breakage occurs and yet does not become degraded by the heat or UV emitted by the lamps.

Shatterproof FEP Lamp Coatings Range

We manufacture heat shrinkable FEP to cover lamps and can cover virtually all lamp configurations, including straight, compact, circline (circular) and tight U-bend styles. Our specialist coating process ensures your lamps are IEC61549 compliant.

Our usual lamp coatings have a maximum continuous operating temperature of 200°C and does not embrittle or discolour over time as with other coatings. The integrity of the fluoropolymer coating will long outlast the manufacturers specified lifespan of the lamp.

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Shatterproof Lamp Types

FEP shatterproof lamp coatings can be applied to:

  • UVA insect lamps – linear lamps, circlines and compact Linx lamps

  • UVC sterilisation / germicidal lamps

  • Long-life Triphosphor white lights

Shatterproof Lamp Applications

FEP safety coated shatterproof lamps are used where a glass-free area is required:

  • Schools and colleges

  • Food processing plants

  • Pharmaceutical plants

  • Leisure centres and swimming pools

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Research: UVC aging of FEP heat shrink sleeving

UV lamp manufacturer Light Sources conducted a research on the aging of fluoropolymer heat shrink sleeves used on UVC lamps. As part of this research, Adtech's FEP heat shrink was tested.

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Case study: Custom formed FEP tube for UVC lamp coating

We worked with a UVC sterilisation customer to create a custom UVC lamp cover. The coating needed to follow strict criteria to fit the UVC sterilisation application precisely.

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The use of FEP in shatterproof lamp coatings

The most common cause of glass contamination is the mishandling of lamps and bulbs during routine lamp maintenance. This can be prevented with the use of FEP shatterproof coatings.

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