shatterproof lamp coatings

shatterproof coatings for non-linear lamps

Shatterproof coatings for non-linear lamps are designed for use with circular and compact U-bend lamps and meet the requirements for Fragment Retention to IEC61549.


The shatterproof coating for non-linear lamps can be applied to all configurations of lamps and will outlast the manufacturers specified life span of the lamp, where other inferior plastic coverings embrittle or discolour under the effect of the UV radiation.

Using our shatterproof lamp coating ensures that your lamps meet the requirements of IEC/BS EN 61549 for Fragment Retention, thereby offering a solution to providing a glass free environment and eliminating the risk of glass contamination from accidental breakages.

We supply FEP boots with heat shrinkable ends for use on compact U bend (Linx) lamps. Lamps we currently shatterproof include 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm diameter straight, compact U-shaped and Circline types.

We also offer a low-cost coating service for applying shatterproof coatings to free issue circline lamps and produce custom sizes to suit your individual needs.


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Shrinking Technique

FEP heat shrinkable boots are supplied with a welded tip and 0.25mm thickness, and are available in various lengths.

The boots have been developed to be quickly and easily applied using a hot air gun. We recommend leaving a 10mm expansion gap between the edge of the lamp and the inside weld of the boot.

Very Low Light Transmission Loss

Loss of UVA and UVC light with FEP shatterproof lamp coating is much lower than with other polymer coatings. For our usual coatings, loss of UVA is around 4% and UVC is 11%.  We know of no other suitable flexible coatings that provide a smaller loss of UV.

We recommend that lamps are changed after the manufacturer's specified working hours as the output does deteriorate over time.

How to Quickly and Easily Apply Boot to Compact U-Lamps Demonstration Video

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