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shatterproof lamp coatings

ready coated shatterproof lamps

We offer a range of FEP coated lamps that are shatter resistant. Our FEP coated lamps meet the requirements of IEC 61549 for Fragment Retention.


We offer standard sizes and wattages:
  • T5, T8, T10 and T12 linear lamps (triphosphor, incandescent, ultraviolet)

  • Compact Linx lamps

  • Circline lamps


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Why Use FEP for Shatterproof Lamp Coatings?

FEP is both transparent to UVA and UVC light and totally resistant to it, as well as being temperature resistant. Therefore, it makes an excellent material for shatterproofing UVA and UVC lamps.

The FEP coating will outlast the life of the lamp, where other inferior plastic coverings embrittle or discolour under the effect of the UV radiation. If the lamp suffers damage the glass is contained in the shrunk-on jacket.

For our usual shatterproof lamp coatings, loss of UVA is around 4% and UVC 11%. We know of no other suitable flexible coatings that provide a smaller loss of UV.

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