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shatterproof lamp coatings

shatterproof your own lamps in-house

Using Adtex-S™ shatterproof lamp coating, you can coat your own UVA, UVC and fluorescent lamps and make them IEC 61549 compliant for use in glass free environments.


Adtex-S™ FEP heat shrinkable sleeves and boots have been developed specifically to enable distributors, stockists and large users of lamps to be able to make their lamps shatterproof very easily in their own premises in small or large quantities. The bespoke process equipment is minimal, and the coating can be applied with virtually no training to unskilled personnel.

Our Adtex-S™ shatterproof lamp coating is designed specifically for use with insect (UVA) and germicidal (UVC) lamps. The coating can be applied to all configuration of lamps.

Standard Lamp Sizes:

  • T5, T8, T10 and T12 - UVA, UVC and Triphosphur

  • Compact U type (Linx, PLL)

The coating material is FEP and the thickness is compliant with the Fragment Retention Lamp Standard IEC/BS EN 61549.


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Advantages of Coating your Lamps In-House

  • Direct cost saving

  • Huge savings on stocking, logistics and space

  • No additional transport costs and delays

  • Cover any manufacturers’ lamps

  • UV and incandescent can be successfully coated

  • Very simple coating process

  • Minimal set up cost

Adtex-S™ Low Temperature Shrinking Technique

Adtex-S™ lamp coating has been developed to be quickly and easily applied to lamp tubes at temperatures low enough to avoid thermal damage, common in other coating methods.

The Adtex-S™ custom coating process is available to customers and we can supply simple high-volume equipment at low cost.

The rate at which lamps can be coated depends on several factors but 120 x 4-foot T8 lamps can be coated per man-hour. The process can be operated by one person.

If you prefer, our lamp coatings can also be shrunk down using traditional shrink tunnels or hot air guns.

Why Use FEP for Shatterproof Lamp Coatings?

FEP is both transparent to UVA and UVC light and totally resistant to it, as well as being temperature resistant. Therefore, it makes an excellent material for shatterproofing UVA and UVC lamps.

The FEP coating will outlast the life of the lamp, where other inferior plastic coverings embrittle or discolour under the effect of the UV radiation. If the lamp suffers damage the glass is contained in the shrunk-on jacket.

The UV transmission rate remains high at approx. 97% for UVA and approx. 85% for UVC, thereby ensuring you have maximum performance for the lifetime of the lamp.

We recommend that lamps are changed after the manufacturer's specified working hours as the output does deteriorate over time.

How to Quickly and Easily Apply Adtex-S™ Lamp Coating Demonstration Video:

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