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Expanded PTFE sealing tape is a cord or tape of pure PTFE extruded by a special process that expands and orientates the PTFE, making it soft and flexible. It is for use in flanged joints which are permanently bolted.


Adtex ePTFE tape is supplied as a cord or thick tape form with a self-adhesive strip to allow easy installation on vertical surfaces.

Being microporous, ePTFE is significantly different to conventional PTFE tubing – the material is air-permeable, soft & flexible, and feels somewhat like smooth, spongey marshmallow to the touch.

It is also chemically resistant with high linear strength, chemically inert, remains watertight at low pressure, has a low dielectric constant, and offers excellent radial expansion and UV resistance too.

Expanded PTFE joint sealant tape is available from stock in different widths, from 3mm to 20mm, and various thicknesses, from 1.50mm to 7mm. Find our Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape Sizes.


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ePTFE Sealing Tape Unique Properties

  • Simple, trouble-free fitting

  • Universal application

  • Minimum wastage

  • Long life

  • High degree of reliability

  • Completely non-toxic and hygienic

  • Low and simple stock holding

  • Extremely cost effective

These unique properties are used to advantage in Adtex ePTFE gasket sealing tape, where one product can be used to seal virtually all flange faces in process plants, in process conditions of up to 260°C.

ePTFE tape can therefore be used as a universal joint sealant, eliminating the need to stock different grades of gasket for different chemicals and process conditions.

As it is supplied in tape form, different gasket sizes no longer must be stocked.


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Recommended Adtex Sizes for Standard Flanges

Nominal Bore (mm)
Tape Width (mm) 
50 3
200 5
600 7
1500 10, 12
1500+ 14, 17, 20


Adtex Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape Standard Sizes

Adtech Part No
Tape Width (mm)
Tape Thickness (mm) 
Quantity per Reel (m) 
ADX0315 3 1.50 25
ADX0520 5 2 25
ADX0725 7 2.50 25
ADX1030 10 3 25
ADX1240 12 4 10
ADX1450 14 5 10
ADX1760 17 6 10
ADX2070 20 7 5


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