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Fluoroplastic products

Tubing & Rod

Fluoroplastic tubing has many applications. The unique properties allow the tubing to solve problems possible with no other material.


Fluoropolymer tubing exhibits a remarkable combination of properties, from excellent chemical resistance, broad temperature capability, electrical insulation to high purity, toughness and non-stick features. 

Our fluoropolymer tubes are designed to meet severe environmental conditions while offering the highest stability.

Tubing & Rod Range

Our fluoropolymer tubing, including PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing, is available in a variety of wall thicknesses and in hundreds of standard sizes. 

Each application has different requirements, so we also produce special custom fluoropolymer tubing to order.

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Fluoroplastic Unique Properties

Fluoroplastics is a clumsy word given to a group of plastics where the molecules contain carbon and fluorine.

The plastic polythene is a molecule consisting of a carbon chain with hydrogen atoms attached. PTFE is much the same but with the hydrogen atoms replaced with fluorine atoms.

The replacement of the hydrogen atoms with fluorine atoms dramatically changes the properties of the material, and fluoroplastics therefore tend to have special properties:

  • Very high working temperatures

  • Non-stick characteristics

  • Very high resistance to chemical and solvents

  • Very high electrical resistance

Chemical Tubing Applications

Virtually total chemical resistance at temperatures up to 260°C means our PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing can handle the transport of all fluid chemicals and solvents.

Fluoropolymer tubing can also be used to protect less resistant materials, such as glass, stainless steel on stirrers, thermometers, probes and vat heaters.


Mechanical Tubing Applications

The combination of low friction and temperature resistance allows fluoropolymer tubing to be used in applications such as sleeve bearings, push-pull cables and non-stick roller covers.

Electrical Tubing Applications

Due to the excellent dielectric and other properties combined, thin wall PTFE and FEP tubing finds many unique applications in electric and electronic engineering, such as insulation of miniature components and connections in hot environments.


Medical Tubing Applications

Inert, non-toxic and bio-compatible properties are sought after by medical device manufacturers for applications such as intravenous catheters, catheter introducers and angiographic catheters.

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Value-added services for fluoropolymer tubing

With value-added services, you can create bespoke fluoropolymer tubing profiles that fit your applications precisely and save you time and money.

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Case study: FEP tubing with 45° angle cut

We supplied one of our life science customers FEP tubing with a 45° angle cut at one end of the tube. The cutting angle, the tube length and the tolerances were critical.

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Case study:  Square-profile FEP  tubing

We created a square-profile tubing for a university project in Malaysia requiring very small volumes of FEP square-profile tube. For this project, we reformed circular FEP tubing in-house.

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