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Convoluted PTFE conduits are extensively used for electrical cables in the aerospace industry. 


Standard Convoluted PTFE Tubing

Convoluted PTFE tube is available in standard sizes, from 1.50mm to 37mm ID, with standard or light wall grades, and smooth bore or anti-static properties. Corrugated tubing can be supplied cut to specific lengths, together with either straightened, cuffed or flanged ends for easy connection. Find our tubing sizes for Standard Convoluted Tubing, Anti-Static Convoluted Tubing and Smooth Bore Convoluted Tubing.

The standard colour of our convoluted PTFE tube is black - it is nonconductive, however 14 different colours (including natural) are available upon request.

We also produce custom made corrugated tubing to order.


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Convoluted PTFE Tubing Applications

  • Electrical cables in the aerospace industry

  • Light duty chemical transfer hoses

  • Military vehicles

  • Food processing industry

  • Electronics industry

Shrinkflex™ Convoluted Tubing

Shrinkflex™ is an Adtech trademark.

Shrinkflex™ is a convoluted conduit made from PTFE, FEP, or PFA with heat shrinkable ends.

This unique product has many applications as a light duty flexible hose, or a conduit that can completely protect cables and connectors.

Due to the large number of permutations of length, diameter, and wall thickness, this product is presently made to order.

Complimentary samples are available should you wish to test the suitability of our Shrinkflex™ tubing for your applications. 


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