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FEP Tubing


FEP has very similar properties to PTFE, but has a lower maximum operating temperature of 200°C. However, this fluoroplastic can be processed by normal plastic methods.


Standard FEP Tubing

FEP tube is available in many standard sizes, from 0.2mm to 113mm ID. Find our FEP Tubing Sizes.

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Special FEP Tubing

Each application has different demands and requirements, so we also produce special custom FEP tubing to order.

  • Special sizes: Virtually any size of FEP tube can be extruded from 0.2mm diameter to 113mm diameter.

  • Special grade: A selection of FEP tubing sizes is available as FDA and NSF compliant.

  • Ready cut tubing: FEP tubing can be supplied cut to any length in any quantity, and we can supply straight lengths.

  • Coloured FEP tube: All tubing can be made in 14 different colours, including black tube. The pigmentation has a very insignificant impact on the technical properties of the FEP tubing.

  • Filled FEP Tube:  Standard fillers can be added to the FEP polymer during the extrusion process to aid with thermal conductivity, wear resistance and anti-static properties. Find out more about Filled Tubing.

  • Close tolerances: We specialise in making FEP tubing to very close tolerances for medical, electronic, and instrument applications.

  • Bespoke FEP tube fabrication: We can easily manipulate FEP tubing to your project requirements, including flanging, coiling, pre-form bending, swaging and closing. Find out more about Thermoforming and Manipulation of Fluoroplastics.


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FEP Unique Properties

FEP was developed as a melt-processable version of PTFE; It can be processed by normal plastic methods.

  • Long continuous lengths

  • Welding and re-moulding potential

  • Working temperatures from -200°C to +200°C

  • Non-stick characteristics

  • Low friction surface

  • Very high resistance to chemicals and solvents

  • Very high electrical resistance

  • Total resistance to UV radiation

  • Bio-compatibility

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