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tubing & rod

granular PTFE Tubing & Rod


Heavy wall PTFE tubes and solid rods are generally used for machining applications.


We offer a wide range of standard sizes in virgin granular PTFE, from 4mm to 100mm ID, generally in one-metre lengths. Larger diameter tubes are moulded and available as billets. Find our extruded granular, 25% glass filled granular and moulded granular tubing sizes.

Complimentary samples are available should you wish to test the suitability of our granular PTFE tubing for your applications. 


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Granular PTFE Tubing & Rod with Fillers

We can also offer granular PTFE tubing and rods with different fillers, such as anti-static, carbon and ceramic, to offer better insulation and wear resistance for more abrasive applications.

Find out more about Filled Tubing.

For advice on the best material and size for your application, contact our knowledgeable customer service team:

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