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Tubing & rod

PTFE Tubing


PTFE exhibits the best performance in terms of temperature, chemical resistance and non-stick properties. Compared with similar fluoropolymers, PTFE usually has the best price : performance ratio.


Standard PTFE Tubing

PTFE tube is available from stock in hundreds of standard metric and imperial sizes from 0.2mm to 22mm ID, with a variety of wall thickness, including thin wall tubing. PTFE tube is both flexible and conductive. Find our Standard PTFE Tubing Sizes.

Complimentary samples are available should you wish to test the suitability of our PTFE tubing and sleeving for your applications. 


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Special PTFE Tubing

Each application has different requirements, so we also produce special custom PTFE tubing to order.

  • Special sizes: Virtually any size of tubing can be extruded from a small diameter of 0.1mm to a large diameter of 150mm.

  • Special grade: A selection of PTFE tubing sizes is available as FDA, EU 10/2011 and NSF compliant.

  • Ready cut tubing: PTFE tube can be supplied cut to any length and in any quantity. We can supply straight cut lengths.

  • Coloured PTFE tube: All tubing can be made in 14 different colours, including black tube, and with coloured stripes. The pigmentation has no significant impact on the technical properties of the tubing.

  • Filled PTFE tube: Additional fillers can be added to the tubing to change its characteristics, for example anti-static, ceramic and graphite. Find out more about Filled Tubing.

  • Microbore PTFE tube: Our UT range has inside diameters from 0.2mm to 1.0mm, with a very thin wall of 0.1mm.

  • PTFE inkjet tube: PTFE inkjet tube is supplied as a natural tube with a coloured identification stripe along the length.

  • Close tolerances: We specialise in making our PTFE tubing to very tight tolerances for medical, electronic and instrumentation applications.

  • Bespoke PTFE tubing fabrication: We welcome enquires for extruded PTFE profiles, no matter how complex. Find out more about Thermoforming and Manipulation of Fluoroplastics


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PTFE Unique Properties

PTFE is the grandfather of all fluoroplastics; it is the most unusual and exhibits the best temperature, chemical resistance and non-stick performance.

  • Very high working temperatures: Maximum 260°C

  • Non-stick characteristics

  • Low friction surface

  • Very high resistance to chemicals and solvents

  • Very high electrical resistance

PTFE’s major disadvantage is that it does not actually melt when heated and therefore, is difficult to process and very unconventional techniques are needed to mold, extrude and weld it.

We have developed processing techniques over the years to manipulate this unusual fluoroplastic.

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