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environmental, social and governance statement

This statement demonstrates our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and how this aligns with our core values and business strategy with the needs of our customers and employees, whilst embedding ethical and responsible principles within our day-to-day activities. It takes account of our social, environmental and economic impact in the way Adtech Polymer Engineering operates.

The statement outlines our approach to our team, local community, customers and suppliers to ensure fair employment and business methods and reduce our impact on the environment.


We are committed to reducing our direct impact on the environment and is an integral part of Adtech’s core values. We actively manage our waste, emissions and energy consumption. As part of our plan to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, we have installed a 32 KW solar PV array, which on average provides 67% of the energy at our Aston Down site. For more information, please see our Environmental policy.



Adtech is an equal opportunity employer. We endeavour to treat all colleagues fairly and equally and actively encourage the team to apply these principles. Our concise training programmes empower the team to achieve their professional development and career goals. We support employee health and wellbeing, alongside actively using professional HR advisors to ensure our personnel practices are compliant with current legislation.

Specific practical applications of our principles include:

  • Facilitating flexible working between office and home when the role permits;

  • Offering a mix of full-time and part-time role to our colleagues; and

  • Sponsoring professional development through apprenticeships and other day release courses.

Health and Safety

We will ensure that our processes and workplaces are safe and that current legislation is adhered to. A full Health and Safety system is in place which will be regularly monitored and updated in a professional manner. We actively use a Health and Safety specialist to ensure we are fully compliant. A copy of our Health & Safety policy is available.


Our directors and senior management will ensure our operations do not harm our local communities. The company culture encourages employee volunteering, skills matching and fundraising.


The Board of Directors includes an independent Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary. Board meetings are held monthly and there has been 100% attendance at the meeting over the last year.

Ultimate responsibility lies with the directors of Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd to ensure commitment to our ESG principles. Each team member is expected to fully co-operate to our principes in their work activities.

The policy statement will be reviewed at least annually by the directors to ensure its effectiveness and continued compliance with relevant legislation, to identity areas for improvement and to ensure it meets any new business requirements. All changes will be relayed to the employees as necessary.


Bribery and corruption will not be tolerated whether this affects our employees, customers’ and suppliers. This is embodied in our ‘Anti-Bribery & Corruption policy’ within our employees’ handbook and contract of employment.


Our directors and senior management will ensure we provide transparency and deal fairly and responsibly with our potential and existing customers.

All of our advertising and business documentation will be accurate, informative, legal and truthful. We will hold open and honest discussions with our clients about the suitability of our fluoropolymer products and services for each application. We strive to deliver excellent levels of customer service.

If a problem occurs, we will work closely with our clients to listen to the issues and work towards a resolution. We follow our documented ISO 9001:2015 ‘customer complaints’ procedure and we keep the client fully informed at each stage of the process. 

We have an ethos of continual improvement and actively review our service and processes.


We will deal responsibly, fairly and openly with our suppliers, who are carefully chosen based on quality, customer service and best working practices. We support local businesses where possible and ensure we comply with their payment terms. On a MAT basis [98%] of the total value of all our supplier payments were made on time.

We will endeavour to ensure our international suppliers apply best practice in the areas of social responsibility and environmental impact.

If you require more information or advice, contact our responsive and knowledgeable customer service team:

Email us