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Adtech Polymer Engineering

We deliver innovative fluoroplastic solutions for your technical applications.

Established in 1982, Adtech is an independent fluoropolymer manufacturer and produces high-performance products in PTFE, FEP, PFA & PVDF.  

Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd was founded by Patrick Thody and incorporated in 1982 as a private limited company. Adtech is privately owned which enables the company to be agile and flexible towards R&D projects and collaborations.

We offer high-grade fluoroplastic tubing, bespoke fabrications and product development.

We wholesale high-performance fluoropolymer tubing and produce customised, precision-engineered fluoroplastic fabrications.

Our R&D team offer consultation and problem solving, with a fast proto-typing service, to provide technical solutions for applications in the Food & Drink, UVC Sterilisation, Medical and many more industries. Find out more about the range of industries we work with.

We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of customer service, expert advice and high stock levels of PTFE, FEP & PFA.

All employees of Adtech are carefully chosen and form an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, which puts service to its customers above all.

Our passionate customer service and in-house R&D team love a challenge, welcome new concepts and are on hand to offer any technical advice.

Join our team

We occasionally have job openings in our customer service, production and account teams. Check out our News section and LinkedIn page for the latest career news.

Adtech employs over 20 people at two sites - Stroud, England and Lochgelly, Scotland.

Our head office in Stroud is the main distribution centre for our stock of PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing, as well as the production centre for our heat shrink tubing, gas sample bags, manipulated tube products, bespoke products and medical device components.

In Scotland, we manufacture large diameter FEP heat shrink tubing for roller covering, UV lamp and glass shatterproofing products, and lined fluoroplastic products.

Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd gained ISO 9002 approval in 1995, and both our operations in Stroud and Lochgelly have ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Samantha Deverell, Managing Director

As Managing Director, Samantha Deverell runs the day-to-day activities, such as meeting with customers and working closely with our R&D team.

Sam has been with Adtech for over 20 years, first joining the company as a customer service team member and knows the ins and outs of fluoroplastics.

Connect with Sam on LinkedIn.

Customer Testimonials

I really appreciate your and in general your company efforts and willingness to assist us, I always strongly recommend ordering from you.
Dr. Alessia Candeo // Scientist // Science and Technology Facilities Council
Maisie and your team have been very helpful in trying to identify suitable products for us to try.
Paul Medland // Project Engineer // UK Power Networks
Maisie was not only very helpful in my quest but went out of her way to send samples of your products with which I could experiment. Her polite, pleasant and cheerful nature was very evident and the impression that she is very capable and happy in her job role means that she is valuable asset to your staff.
Chris // Retired Engineer //

Latest News

Case study: Encapsulated stirring paddle

Used for off-shore field development work, we encapsulated in FEP a free-issue stirring paddle with tight tolerances.

Why use PTFE/ FEP dual wall heat shrink?

PTFE/ FEP dual wall heat shrink fully encapsulates and protects components. So, why use dual wall heat shrink?

Case study: Bespoke FEP flanged tubing

Used for medical delivery tubes, we produced bespoke FEP tubing with a special diameter flange at one end and a 30° cut at the other.

The best material for gas sample bags

Tedlar, FEP and PVC are widely used to make gas sample bags. But which thermoplastic is best suited to your application?