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thermoforming fluoropolymers

fluoroplastic retractable coils


Retractable coils can be made from FEP, PTFE and PFA tubing and are ideal for pharmaceutical and food delivery systems.


All our fluoropolymer tubing can be formed into retractable coils. Using thermoforming technology and custom in-house tooling we can create retractable coils in FEP, PTFE and PFA. Other polymers are available but would be subject to a minimum order quantity.

Custom sizes can be made, and specialist fittings can be applied to meet the demands of your application.

All our retractable coils can be volume checked for critical applications and the ends can be supplied flanged or flared if required.


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Retractable Coils Properties

  • FEP retractable coils have a working temperature of -200°C to +200°C.

  • PTFE and PFA coils have a temperature range of -200°C to +260°C.

  • The tube has a smooth bore and is chemically inert.

Retractable Coils offer Flexibility and Durability

There are many different materials from which coils can be constructed, but coils constructed from fluoropolymer tubing offer unparalleled flexibility and durability.

Retractable coils made using FEP, PTFE and PFA fluoroplastics are extremely adaptable, being chemically inert, acid and UV resistant, and with a smooth surface that germs just cannot stick to.


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For advice on the best material and size for your application, contact our customer service team:

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