Fluoropolymers have exceptional thermal and physical properties that are essential in aggressive environments such as the presence of chemicals and solvents and elevated working temperatures.


We supply a wide range of fluoropolymer products into the Automotive market, such as applications for restoration projects and close tolerance PTFE tubing for brake cables.

Automotive Fluoropolymer Products


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Case study: Large capacity gas sample bags

We supplied Tedlar® bags for VOC testing of in-cabin automotive components. These needed to be tested for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and carbonyl traces at elevated temperatures.

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Case study: Non-stick FEP roll covers for brake discs

We were contacted by an equipment supplier of steel brake discs to the auto industry in Australia. They needed a non-stick coating for their stainless-steel rollers.

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Case study: Custom FEP sensor probe cover

A customer was looking to improve their existing level detection probe, used in automotive and marine applications. This led to the development and production of a bespoke FEP probe cover.

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We understand that every customer's application is different, and we welcome enquiries for bespoke assemblies. Get in touch today:

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