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medical & pharmaceutical


Fluoroplastics such as FEP, PVDF, ETFE, PFA and PTFE are widely used within medical and pharmaceutical applications.


We work in partnership with numerous universities, research scientists, medical device manufacturers and consultants.

We stock a range of FDA compliant PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing and all can be extruded and packaged under clean room conditions from USP Class VI compliant raw polymers.

We also offer product development with a fast and flexible turnaround for prototypes.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Fluoropolymer Products

Fluoroplastics and the Medical Industry

Whilst this clever groups of plastics are renowned for their uses in chemical processing plants, environmental and oil and gas environments, their unique properties are also desirable and useful for application in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. 

The characteristics of fluoropolymers, such as their biocompatibility, lubricity, sterilisation, high temperatures and chemical resistance, makes them a superior, and convenient material with which to manufacture the next generation of medical devices.


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We understand that no two customers' medical and pharmaceutical applications are the same, so our customer service and R&D teams are on hand to discuss your project and application.

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