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The use of fluoroplastics in the pharmaceutical industry


With an increasing demand for medicines, the pharmaceutical industry has never been more vital. But in a regulated and safety-conscious world, the pharmaceutical industry must adhere to strict standards, especially relating to cleanliness and purity. That’s where fluoroplastics come in; they play a crucial role in providing safe equipment for the development and production of medicines.

Why fluoropolymers are essential to the pharmaceutical industry

Fluoroplastics enjoy many unique properties that are especially suited to the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to their biocompatibility, lubricity, sterilisation capability, high temperatures, chemical resistance, high purity, clarity of material and refractive index, fluoropolymers are a superior and convenient material with which to manufacture pharmaceutical equipment.

Pharmaceutical applications benefiting from fluoroplastics

Fluoropolymers find many applications in the pharmaceutical industry and especially in the research and production of medicines. FEP, PTFE, PFA, PVDF and ETFE are widely used in fluid delivery systems, from storage tanks to vessels, pipes, fittings and accessories. The unique properties of fluoroplastics keep the fluids safe and pure throughout the transfer.

Used in the production of pharmaceuticals, conveyor belts are typically made from PTFE coated glass cloth. The fluoropolymer’s high corrosion resistance, exceptional mechanical properties and biocompatibility are unrivalled.

Fluoroplastics are also widely used to encapsulate pharmaceutical instruments, from sensors to handling devices. Used mainly in research, encapsulated instruments require inertness, non-stick and sterile properties, and temperature and chemical resistance.

Fluoropolymer products used in pharmaceutical applications

To produce safe equipment for the development and production of medicines, a wide range of fluoropolymer products are used in the pharmaceutical industry:

At Adtech, we stock a wide range of metric and imperial fluoroplastic tubes made from FDA compliant raw polymers. We can extrude microbore, thin walled tubes and offer USP Class VI raw polymers, both can be extruded and packaged under clean room conditions. These requirements are made to order. We also offer coated probe covers, bespoke thermoformed components and product development with a fast and flexible turnaround for prototypes.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about Fluoroplastics and pharmaceuticals.

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