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FEP tubing and FEP heat shrink sleeving is widely used in UVC sterilisation equipment


FEP is inert to UVC and does not become brittle or discoloured over time.  The added-bonus is that very little UVC is absorbed by FEP and so the output of the lamp is not greatly affected.

Fluoroplastics can also be sterilised using ETO, autoclaving and gamma methods.

Sterilisation Fluoropolymer Products


The Use of FEP in UVC Sterilisation

In an increasingly regulated and safety-conscious market, UVC sterilisation equipment is becoming more and more important. Here at Adtech, we offer a wide range of FEP products that are suitable for use in UVC sterilisation equipment.

The threat of contamination means that UVC sterilisation equipment is vital in the food and drink and medical industries. UVC is the name given to a strong type of ultraviolet light that is used for disinfecting and destroying harmful microorganisms in liquids, food products, surfaces and in the air.


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