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Case study: Custom formed FEP tube


We worked with a UVC sterilisation customer to create a custom UVC lamp cover. The coating needed to follow strict criteria to fit the UVC sterilisation application precisely and meet the requirements for electronics submerged under water. So, we produced a custom formed FEP tube with specific characteristics.

The project: UVC lamp coating

Our UVC sterilisation customer required a UVC lamp coating with the following criteria:

  • The material must be inert to UVC, given it is used in a UVC sterilisation application.

  • The material should allow a good transmission rate, so the output of the lamp is not reduced.

  • The coating must be reformed to apply a flat tip at one end of the component and a collar at the other end.

  • The wall thickness of the coating should be 1.50mm ID to meet the requirements for electronics submerged under water.

  • Large quantities needed to be produced.

The solution: Formed FEP tube

In order to cover the UVC lamp and meet the project criteria, we created a custom formed FEP tube with the following characteristics:

  • We produced a non-shrink tube cover to be push fitted over the UVC lamp. The cover was easy to apply as part of the customer’s production process.

  • The tube cover created a tight seal over the lamp, thus preventing leaks when the component was submerged under water.

  • FEP was chosen as it is inert to UV rays, does not become brittle or discoloured over time, and does not affect the output of the lamp.

  • We formed the tube with a flat tip at one end and a pre-formed collar section at the open end.

  • A special tubing size with a 1.50mm wall ID was used.

Our FEP lamp coating services

FEP is the ultimate coating material for covering and shatterproofing lamps. It allows glass and mercury to be safely contained when breakage occurs and does not become degraded by the heat or the UV rays emitted by the lamps.

With our FEP lamp coating services, we can cover UVC sterilisation lamps, UVA insect lamps and fluorescent lamps in all lamp configurations, from straight to compact, circline and tight U-bend styles. Used in schools and colleges, food processing plants and pharmaceutical plants, our shatterproof FEP lamp coatings are IEC61549 compliant for use in glass free environments.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our FEP Lamp Coatings.

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