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thermoforming fluoropolymers

tipping & flanging of ptfe, fep & pfa


Tipping and flanging fluoropolymers allow cost savings by making components to your exact requirements, ready for assembly.


Tips, collars and flanges can be applied to all PTFE, FEP and PFA tubes we offer, and can be made to your exact requirements. Drawn down tips are reformed in the tube.


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Advantages of Tipping & Flanging

  • Fittings can be applied and are secured in place by a flange, which also aids with sealing.

  • Collars can prevent parts pulling out of equipment.

  • Reduced and tapered tips can aid with liquid flow.

Tipping & Flanging Applications

  • Labware and analytical equipment

  • Food and chemical applications

  • Liquid and air delivery tubes

Flared Tip

Drawn Down Tip

Flanged Tip

We can work to your drawings or you can populate the drawings in the product information section below.

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Case study: Bespoke FEP flanged tubing

We worked with a medical customer to create bespoke FEP flanged tubing. The tube required a special diameter flange at one end and a 30° cut at the other.

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Case study: Custom FEP tube with flat tip

We worked with a medical customer to create custom FEP tubing. The tube required a smooth external domed profile and an internal flat tip, and needed to follow tight tolerances. 

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Case study: Custom flanged FEP assembly

We were approached by a client looking to create a bespoke assembly for use with a water sterilisation application. We produced a custom flanged FEP assembly.

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Every application is different and our technical team love a challenge, so get in touch today to discuss your requirements:

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