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Case study: Custom FEP tube with flat tip


We worked with a medical customer to create custom FEP tubing. The tube required a smooth external domed profile and an internal flat tip, and needed to follow tight tolerances. Used as marking guide in an MRI application, the bespoke fluoroplastic component required the tubing material to be bio-compatible and suitable for medical applications.

The project: Bespoke tubing with flat tip

To meet the project criteria, we created a custom tube with the following characteristics:

  • Special sized tube (1.68mm ID x 2.28mm OD)

  • Critical internal length of 273.8mm

  • Critical tip length of 2 to 2.5mm

  • Smooth external domed tip to ensure no bio burden

  • Internal flat surface to the tip to enable the device to measure accurately

  • FEP as tubing material

FEP was chosen for its biocompatibility, lubricity and sterilisation properties. In addition, FEP can easily be moulded and thermoformed into complex profiles, and for this specific project, a tip can be easily added to the tubing. In addition, this fluoropolymer is transparent, which was essential for this medical application.

Tipping fluoroplastics

Tipping fluoropolymer tubing enables the manufacture of components to your exact requirements and ready for assembly. Reduced and tapered tips can aid with liquid flow.

Used for liquid and air delivery tubes, labware and analytical equipment, and food and chemical applications, bespoke tips, flanges and collars can be applied to PTFE, FEP and PFA tubes.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoroplastic solutions for your technical applications. We understand that every customer’s application is different, so our knowledgeable customer service and R&D teams are on hand to discuss your project.
Get in touch today to ask for more information or to discuss your requirements:
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