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food & DRink


High performance fluoropolymer tubing and heat shrinkable sleeving are vital for use in food and drink applications.


The unique properties of fluoroplastics set them apart from general purpose plastic such as PVC and PE.

We supply a wide range of PTFE and FEP small bore tubing, heat shrinkable tubes and custom assemblies into the food and drink market. 

We also offer FDA and NSF compliant tubing for a selection of our PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing, as well as EU 10/2011 compliant tubing for a selection of our PTFE and PFA tubing.


Food & Drink Fluoropolymer Products

The Use of Fluoroplastics in the Food & Drink Industry

Fluoroplastics are massively useful in a food and drink production context, and at Adtech, we have years of experience behind us in supplying fluoroplastics to the food and drink manufacturing industry.

Over time, we have worked hard to produce the best polymers that, when used in this industry, will ensure the safest, most effective workspace for your food and drink production needs.


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