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The use of fluoroplastics in the food and drink industry


Fluoroplastics are massively useful in a food and drink production context, and at Adtech, we have years of experience behind us in supplying fluoroplastics to the food and drink manufacturing industry. Over time, we have worked hard to produce the best polymers that, when used in this industry, will ensure the safest, most effective workspace for your food and drink production needs.

In the UK, the food and drink industry is by far the biggest manufacturing sector. Contributing over £30bn to the economy and employing roughly one quarter of the UK’s total workforce, the importance of the food and drink manufacturing sector cannot be underestimated.

Why fluoroplastics are widely used in the food and drink industry

High performance fluoroplastic heat-shrink tubing and sleeving is crucial for food and drink manufacturing applications, due to their unique properties which set them apart from general purpose plastics such as PVC. In all manufacturing scenarios, but most importantly in the food and drink sector, it’s vital that workers are kept safe and that products and produce remain uncontaminated. Here at Adtech, we manufacture all our fluoroplastic instruments specifically with this in mind.

In manufacturing in general, fluoroplastics are of maximum usefulness right across every factory. Whether you are looking to upgrade your cooking equipment, plastic food coverings, conveyor belt rollers, UV lamp coatings, temperature sensor casing and non-stick surface covers, for example, fluoroplastics bring an abundance of benefits to the production space.

Fluoropolymer products for food and drink applications

By nature, fluoroplastic products are non-stick (unable to harbour bacteria), chemical and solvent resistant, electrical resistant, and naturally able to withstand very high and very low temperatures, ranging from -200° C to +260° C. Within a food production context, this is hugely useful, and we particularly recommend the following:

  • Encapsulated temperature sensors for consistently accurate readings

  • Shatterproof lamp coatings covering all lamp configurations with heat-shrinkable FEP, which is totally resistant to UVA and UVC – in a factory scenario, this means that all glass fragments will be contained within the coating if damage were to occur, and food will stay protected.

  • FEP roll covers applied to rollers using a hot air gun, ensuring minimal machine downtime, our FEP heat-shrinkable roll covers provide a highly non-stick, chemically resistant roller surface, which is very useful for food factory machinery.

We can also produce bespoke fluoroplastic instruments for any part of the production process that you need, in any size or shape. So if you have something in mind, let us know! All our PTFE, PFA and FEP tubing can be cut to any desired length and can also be coiled or flare-tipped if required, and our raw polymers are FDA compliant.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about Fluoroplastics and the Food and Drink Industry.

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