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Ready cut fluoroplastic tubing: Cut pieces to your required lengths


As engineers, one of our key challenges is finding components that meet our exact requirements and help us design precise applications efficiently. When it comes to fluoroplastic tubing, sourcing tubes cut to our exact length requirements saves us time, hassle and money.

Here at Adtech, we can cut any PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing and heat shrink sleeving to the lengths required and package the cut pieces as needed. Thanks to our cutting service, we can supply ready cut fluoropolymer tubing that meets your exact requirements and saves you time and money.

Benefits of cut pieces

Sourcing fluoroplastic tubing and heat shrink sleeving cut to the exact lengths required offers many benefits, especially for shorter lengths.

  • Precise cut lengths with tight tolerances

  • Square cut ends

  • Hassle-free

  • Time-saving

  • Cost-effective

  • Straightforward product testing with proto-types

All in all, the supplied ready cut pieces fit your components precisely and help you design your applications efficiently.

Our cutting and value-add services

We supply PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing and heat shrink sleeving cut to any length and in any quantity. Our complex cutting machine can cut tubes to a minimum length of 2mm and up to a maximum ID of 12mm. We can also provide ready cut tubing to varying lengths and supply straight cut lengths (with no curvature). Our cutting service applies to the tubing and heat shrink we stock as well as any free issue materials.

Once cut to your exact requirements, the ready cut tubing is also packaged according to your needs. The cut pieces can be kitted or packed in batches or individual bags.

In addition to the cutting service, we offer fluoroplastic tubing assemblies and can add fittings, flanges and flares to your cut pieces. If you require the cut tubing to be easily and safely bonded, we also offer a chemical etching service. We can chemically etch the surface of PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF, E-CTFE, ETFE and other fluoropolymer tubing.

Ready cut tubing with flanges, flares and angle cuts

Ready cut tubing applications

Fluoroplastic tubing exhibits a remarkable combination of properties, from excellent chemical resistance to broad temperature capability, electrical insulation, high purity, toughness and non-stick features. This makes PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing, and especially cut pieces, ideal for a diverse range of applications.

Ready cut fluoropolymer tubing is used to transport fluid chemicals over a particular distance, to protect specific sized probes and to insulate miniature components in hot environments. All applications benefit from tubes cut to the required lengths that fit precisely with the other components.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our Fluoroplastic Tubing and Fluoroplastic Heat Shrink Sleeving.
Get in touch today to ask for more information about our cutting service, request a cut sample or discuss your exact requirements:
t: +44 (0) 1285 762000
e: sales@adtech.co.uk

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