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encapsulating components with fluoroplastics


Encapsulating components with fluoroplastic provides you with a high temperature, chemically inert and non-stick coating.


FEP, PFA and PTFE are some of the most inert materials known to man, and they also have a very high temperature resistance for polymeric materials. This means that they are ideal materials for the protection of components in applications where highly corrosive or solvent conditions exist.

Using combinations of our custom manufacturing techniques in conjunction with our thermoforming processes, we can offer a fluoroplastic encapsulation service and we can apply a coating on almost any item in FEP, PFA and PTFE.

Once applied all FEP, PFA & PTFE coatings are fully inspected and spark tested to ensure the integrity of the seal.


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FEP Coating

Our FEP heat shrink is widely used in the encapsulation process and we can offer closed end heat shrinkable covers, with solid or hemispherical tips. We can accurately control the thickness and the tip profile. 

FEP coatings are generally used on temperature and level detection sensors and glass protection applications.


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PFA Coating

PFA coatings have a higher working temperature than FEP at +260°C.

The raw polymer is available in an ultra higher purity rating for extremely sensitive applications, such as semi-conductors and microelectronic devices, food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology systems.


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Fluoropolymer Spray Coating

Spray coating is an alternative solution for metal components and complex profiles. A fluoropolymer spray coating is applied to the component and any areas that do not require coating can be masked off. Spray coatings are available in PTFE, PFA, ETFE and E-CTFE. The nominal coating thickness is 35-40 micron.

PTFE and fluoropolymer spray coatings offer corrosion resistance, a non-stick surface and high working temperature for use in fasters in off-shore applications, plastic mould tools and commercial bake ware.


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Multiple End Closure Designs

  • Thermoformed solid tapered tip

  • Thermoformed solid square end tip

  • Thermoformed domed solid tip

  • Plugged and welded tip

  • Moulded collars

  • Flared

  • Flanged

All the tip profiles can be accurately controlled for medical device applications.

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Case study: Custom FEP sensor probe cover

A customer was looking to improve their existing level detection probe, used in automotive and marine applications. This led to the development and production of a bespoke FEP probe cover.

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Case study: FEP encapsulated stirring paddle

We encapsulated in FEP a free-issue stirring paddle. Used for off-shore field development work, the bespoke component needed to follow tight tolerances and as such, proved challenging. 

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Designing bespoke fluoroplastic probe covers

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in producing fluoroplastic probe covers for stainless-steel temperature-detection and level-detection sensors, both for medical and industrial applications.

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We understand every application is different and requires precise fluoroplastic solutions. To discuss your requirements, contact our customer service team:

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