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bespoke fabrications

high frequency welding of pvc & Pu


Joining PVC and PU film using high frequency welding creates a strong, secure seal.


High Frequency (HF) welding is a method of joining plastic film together using an electromagnetic field coupled with pressure in order to create a tight seal.

The High Frequency (HF) welding process involves electrical energy causing the molecules within the PVC and PU film to move around, generating heat and softening the material so that it begins to fuse together. Once cooled, the HF-welded surfaces become completely fused together, creating an extremely strong join.


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HF Welding Applications

We produce PVC & PU gas sample bags using High Frequency (HF) welding. The secure HF bonding creates an airtight environment, providing low permeation of other gases into the bag and enabling the sample to remain uncontaminated. Find out more about our PVC & PU Gas Sample Bags.

Thanks to the high frequency welding process enabling the plastic to be flexible, we also create bespoke 3D shapes of every possible size and shape. Both reusable and easily cleanable, these custom fabrications protect critical environments from contamination. 

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Using high frequency (HF) welding for a stronger join

High Frequency welding, or HF welding, is a method of joining plastic materials together using an electromagnetic field coupled with pressure to create a tight seal.

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Case study: Custom bags for racing seat components

Our R&D engineers worked with a local company to produce custom fit racing seats. The seats can be fitted or enthusiasts can buy the kits to create their own bespoke racing seats.

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Every application is different and our technical team love a challenge, so get in touch today to discuss your requirements:

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