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Case study: Custom bags for racing seat components


Adtech's R&D engineers have been working with a local company that produce custom fit racing seats. iNDi-Seat is a well-known brand within motor sport and its market share is growing, the seats can be fitted by iNDi-seat's experienced staff or enthusiasts can buy the kits to create their own bespoke racing seats.

The project: Moulded racing seats

The iNDi-seat is currently supplied to F1 teams and many more leading championships. Nicolas Hamilton is a regular customer and his moulded seat insert takes on his profile, giving him two channels for his legs to sit securely into, as well as helping him fit into the base of the shell much better, giving him a higher level of comfort and confidence.

The solution: Custom high frequency welded bag

Adtech are supplying a custom size bag made from film that is welded using high frequency welding equipment and is complete with a filling port. The process of creating a custom fit racing seat is arduous and the bags must withstand considerable stresses whilst the seat fit is being carried out.

For this particular application, Adtech has introduced a more rigorous air test for these bags, to ensure the welds hold up to the additional pressure incurred as the driver finds a suitable race position.

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