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Case study: Fluid delivery tubing assembly


We worked with a food and drink customer to create a custom PFA tubing assembly. Used to deliver fluids in a cleaning system, the tubing material needed to be FDA raw polymer compliant and suitable for food and drink applications. The bespoke tubing assembly fit our customer’s application precisely and saved him time, money and effort.

The project: Custom PFA tubing assembly

Used for solvent delivery in a food & drink cleaning application, our customer required a bespoke PFA tubing with custom fittings. Flangeless ETFE ferrules were applied to the fluoroplastic tube in order to attach the fitting to the tubing and to ensure the component fit precisely in the cleaning application. For this project, FDA raw polymer compliant PFA was selected for its bio-compatibility, chemicals and solvent resistance, lubricious surface, high purity and toughness.

Benefits of tubing assemblies

Rather than having to source a separate tube and fitting, buying a complete tubing assembly saved our customer time, money and effort. The bespoke assembly was also packed and kitted as requested. This helped our customer design his application efficiently and enabled him to focus on his core capabilities, increase his capacity and meet his customers’ growing demand.

Tubing assembly services

Any PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubing can be converted to create custom preformed tubing assemblies that meet your exact requirements. Any length of tube can be provided, alongside bespoke fittings, to suit your needs. The tubing can also be bagged as kits to meet your packing requirements.

Using thermoforming, flaring, flanging and welding techniques, custom designs can be added to your fluoroplastic tubing:

  • Formed tips

  • Moulded tips and collars

  • Heat shrinkable collars

  • 90-degree bends along the length of the tube

  • Swages between multiple sized tubes

  • Retractable coils

  • Identification markers

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoroplastic solutions for your technical applications. We understand that every customer’s application is different, so our knowledgeable customer service and R&D teams are on hand to discuss your project.
Get in touch today to ask for more information or to discuss your requirements:
t: +44 (0) 1285 762000
e: sales@adtech.co.uk

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