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Case study: Square-profile FEP tubing


At Adtech, we produce fluoroplastic tubing products of every possible size, shape and form. While we can produce large quantities of plastic products for our customers, we specialise in producing in-house small batches of custom components for many different functions.

The project: Square-profile FEP tubing

Take for example this square-profile tubing which we created for a university project in Malaysia. For this project, our client required very small volumes of FEP tube with a 2mm x 2mm square profile x 0.2mm wall thickness. The overall length of each tube was to be 100mm in total, and they required a batch size of just 20-50 units per year.

The challenge: Offering small quantities at reasonable costs

Typically, square tubing is usually created using injection moulding or standard extrusion processes, but in this case, we felt that this traditional method would be too expensive for the project to justify. It costs a significant amount to create the initial dye mould, and therefore a large minimum extrusion quantity is required. Therefore, because the customer only wanted a very small quantity of the tubing, we decided upon another method to keep production as cost effective as possible for them.

The solution: Reforming circular FEP tubing in-house

Our engineers at Adtech had a solution. By taking production in-house, we were able to reform the existing circular stock FEP tubing to fit our customer’s specifications.

Using entirely in-house tooling and processing techniques, this dramatically reduced production costs, enabling us to produce the small batches of square tubing much more efficiently, meeting the exact specifications that the customer had requested.

Similarly, using similar methods, we also created some twisted FEP tubing for another customer who needed material to act as a mixing tube, to reduce the turbulent flow of liquid passing through their specialist equipment. Producing the twisted FEP in-house, we were able to produce batch sizes of 10-20 units at a time.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. This production ingenuity and flexibility of scale is unique to Adtech and a skill of which we are very proud. It helps us to think laterally about production methods and keeps our customers coming back to us again and again.
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