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We deliver precise fluoroplastic solutions for your applications. Take a look at the thermoformed fluoropolymer products we’ve produced over the years.

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PTFE AWG Series Sleeving with Collar Section

PTFE sleeve AWG 15L (TW15) pigmented white and supplied with a moulded collar section at one end with a nominal OD of 3mm.

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FEP Retractable Coil

FEP tube formed into a retractable coil.  This is used within an auto-sampler.

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Drawn Down FEP Tubing

19mm ID FEP tube with a 1.5mm wall was reduced in diameter to 8mm to restrict the flow in a specific area. It then needed to taper back up to the original ID. For use in a fluid handling application.

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FEP Tapered Tips

FEP Tube 0.6mm ID x 0.2mm wall reformed with a reduced tip to 0.25mm ID. FEP tapered tips are delivery tips for a medical application and small batch sizes were required.

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FEP & PTFE Pre-Formed Tubes

FEP and PTFE tubes have been preformed to our customers' requirements, using thermoforming techniques.

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