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We deliver precise fluoroplastic solutions for your applications. Take a look at the welded fluoropolymer products we’ve produced over the years.

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Tedlar® Gas Sample Bags

Sample bag made from Tedlar® Film and used for gas, odour and automotive emission sampling for VOC’s.

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FEP Coated Boot

Shatterproof lamp coated in FEP tube with a welded seal and a heat shrinkable end section to ensure the seal over the end cap. All our coated lamps are IEC 61549 compliant for use in glass free environments.

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FEP Heat Shrinkable Closed End Tube

Medical grade closed end heat shrinkable FEP tube. The thickness of the tip was critical as this was used with microwave technology to treat various forms of cancer.

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Plugged PTFE Probe Covers

Plugged PTFE prove covers made from PTFE tubing and terminated with a welded plug. The probe covers are manufactured from moulded, machined or welded PTFE without any metal internal support.

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Light Weight FEP Bellows

Bellows welded from vacuum formed sections of 50-micron FEP film.

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Vacuum Formed FEP Film

50-micron FEP film vacuum formed and welded with kapton reinforcement to make an insulating cover for a pacemaker application.

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FEP Gas Sample Bag

Sample bag made from FEP film and used for odour sampling and applications where a very low ppm are involved.

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Screen Printed PVC Outer Bag

Human breath bag enclosed within a specially designed and screen-printed PVC outer.

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