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special tubing


We deliver precise fluoroplastic solutions for your applications. Take a look at the special fluoropolymer tubing we’ve produced over the years.

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Flanged Micro Bore FEP Tube

FEP tube with a 0.4mm ID that has been flanged to a very specific diameter.

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FEP Retractable Coils

Retractable coils from 0.8mm ID x 1.6mm OD FEP tube. The ends have been flanged to a controlled diameter and free issue fittings and markers have been applied during the coiling process.

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Rectangular Profile FEP Tubes

Rectangular profile FEP tubes made using a re-forming technique.

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PTFE Tubes with a Chemical Dip Etch

PTFE tube has been cut to a specific length and then dip etched on the ID & OD so that they can be bonded into place.

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PTFE Inkjet Tubes

PTFE inkjet tube is supplied as a natural tube with a coloured identification stripe along the length. The tubes are usually assembled into an umbilical, together with the relevant electronics, and are either sleeved with a heat shrink outer or more commonly an over extrusion.

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Flexible Silicone & PTFE Connector

Flexible connectors are used in chromatography instruments for separation, purification and concentration of target compounds.  The thin walled PTFE sleeving is moulded within the silicone section.

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PTFE Extruded Tubing Profile

Extruded tubing profiles were made to our customer’s design, they were to push over a profile and into a channel offering a chemically inert and non-stick seal.

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Multi-lumen PTFE Tubes

Multi-lumen PTFE tube can be supplied with multiple internal diameters, and allows a different medium, such as fluids or guide wires, to pass along each ID. Predominantly  used in medical devices.

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Cross Section of an FEP Probe Cover

We can offer closed end FEP tubes and heat shrinkable FEP tubes for medical and chemical applications. We can tightly control the thickness of the tip.

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