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Case Study - Flexible PT100 PTFE coated sensor


Over the years we have been approached by customers looking for a simple PT100 temperature sensor that is completely encapsulated in PTFE, to be used in high temperature applications with aggressive mediums, such as solvents and chemicals. The discussions led to the development and subsequent production of a flexible PT100 PTFE coated probe.

The project criteria: Flexible PTFE coated PT100 temperature sensor

The criteria was that the coating had to be flexible,  inert, as thin as possible along the length of the probe, with particular attention paid to the thickness of the sealed tip, to aid response times.  

Our clients' also wanted to offer their customers greater flexibility, so that the sensor could be supplied at any variable length between 1 metre and 16 metres.

The solution: Bespoke fabrication process

Our R&D team designed a sealing method for PTFE tube that created as thin a seal as possible at the tip.  These tips are all air tested to ensure the integrity of the seal.

The nominal OD of these flexible sensor probes is 6mm.  However, this sealing process can be carried out on nearly all of the PTFE tubes we stock, enabling us to accommodate requests for larger diameter probe assemblies.  Colour variations are also possible for the PTFE outer if required, a minimum order quantity is applicable if the colour is not a standard stock size.

This production method can also be used with many types of sensors, the most common we work with are PT100, PT1000 and thermal fuses.

We also created a compression fitting in PTFE so that the sensors could be located securely within chemical tanks.

Should you have a larger thermowell or temperature sensor that requires protection we can offer  a range of coating solutions:


Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. We understand that every customer’s application is different, so our knowledgeable customer service and R&D teams are on hand to discuss your project and application.

Get in touch today to ask for advice or to discuss your requirements: 
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