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Case Study - Fluoroplastic magnetic impeller



The customer required a stirring device that had no mechanical parts that would come into contact with chemicals. We were asked to produce a fluoroplastic magnetic impeller, as the medium it was to be used with was very aggressive.

We encapsulated magnets within an FEP moulded part so that they acted as a stirrer. The FEP impeller sat on a spiked glass section inside the glass vessel along with the medium, a device was placed on the outside of the glass below the impellers location and this reacted with the magnets, causing them to rotate.


Technical challenge

The magnets had to be placed in the correct orientation to ensure the moulded part rotated in the correct direction

Issues involved tooling to mould the impeller profile. We made this using a transfer moulding method, with lower set-up costs than injection moulding. The wall thickness of the FEP was 1.6mm nominal, therefore it was harder to reflow the material to seal once the magnets had been inserted.


Our fluoroplastic encapsulation services

We can build our own tooling in-house, reducing lead times and costs. Our wide range of processes, which we have developed ourselves, work to thermoform using FEP and PFA for encapsulation services

FEP is used for complete encapsulation due to its chemical resistance, high working temperature - up to 200 degrees Celsius and its melt processable properties.  Our R&D team developed bespoke sealing equipment in house to create the complex weld that was required to ensure a high-quality seal was achieved for this particular application.


Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your chemical applications. Find out more about our Fluoroplastic Tubing , bespoke fabrications and R&D services



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The customer required a stirring device that had no mechanical parts that would come into contact with chemicals.
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