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Eliminating sticky build-up with FEP & PFA roll covers


Do your operators manually scrub metal or rubber rollers to prevent particle build-up? Try out non-stick roll covers to eliminate the cleaning process and improve the potential for a quality concern. Used in the food and drink, automotive, medical and printing industries, FEP and PFA roll covers eliminate sticky build-up problems with rollers used in hot or cold applications.

Why use FEP & PFA for roll covers

From non-stick qualities to excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, FEP and PFA enjoy the unique properties of fluoropolymers. The longevity of FEP and PFA is also excellent, being suitable for long-term use in both hot and cold environments with minimal long-term deterioration.

In contrast to a sprayed-on PTFE roller coating of 0.005mm in thickness, FEP roll covers are typically much sturdier and more durable at 0.5mm in thickness. As such, these fluoropolymers work much more efficiently for a comparable or even reduced price.

For more arduous and extremely high temperature applications, PFA roll covers have a flex life of ten times FEP and can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C (as opposed to 200°C with FEP).

Our FEP & PFA roll cover products and services

If you have existing metal or rubber rollers that you would like to treat with a heat shrinkable FEP or PFA cover, this can be easily achieved with minimum disruption to your operations. Our FEP and PFA roll covers can be applied using a simple hot air gun. 

We can send the fluoropolymer materials to you so that your engineers can apply the covers to your rollers themselves. The machine down time can be just minutes compared with days when sending rollers away for a sprayed-on coating. Alternatively, our experienced staff can fit our heat shrinkable roll covers to rollers of any size in our workshop or at your premises. 

We can produce FEP roller coatings from 21mm up to 350mm diameter. We keep many standard sizes in stock and can custom manufacture virtually any size for special applications in single quantities. For medical applications, we can also make FDA and USP Class VI compliant polymers if required. PFA roll covers are made to order.

If the FEP roll cover sleeve needs to be bonded to the roller (eg. under nip conditions), the inside surface of the roll cover can also be supplied etched to assist the bonding process. The chemical etching process is normally carried out to order on FEP roll covers that are held in stock.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our FEP & PFA Roll Covers.

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