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Case study: FEP tube with 45° angle cut


We supplied one of our life science customers FEP tubing with a 45° angle cut at one end of the tube. The cutting angle, the tube length and the tolerances were critical.

The project criteria:

The application required a high purity material with no traces of hydrocarbons, low and high working temperatures as well as high clarity. As all these criteria were critical, FEP was chosen over PTFE for the tubing material.

A 45° angle cut was also needed at one end of the tube. The angle of the cut, the length of the tubing and the tolerances were all critical to the efficiency and precision of the application.

The solution:

The required FEP tubes were standard imperial sizes available from stock. The tubing needed a straight length with no curvature, in addition to the 45° cut. We carried out a straightening procedure before using our cutting machine to produce the critical cut length. We then applied a specialist end finishing and added the angle cut.

We supplied our customer with protypes for testing before going to production.

Our cutting service:

We supply PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing cut to your exact length requirements. Our cutting machine can cut to varying lengths, the shortest achievable length is 2mm, with tight tolerances if required. If straight lengths are critical, a secondary process can be applied to the tube. The ready cut fluoropolymer tubing can then be kitted or packed in batches or bags.

Our cutting service offers precise cut lengths that exactly fit your components and save you time, hassle and money. We offer this service on fluoroplastic tubing we hold in stock, as well as free issue parts.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our Cutting Service.

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