The use of fluoropolymers in green technology


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Resistance to weather, chemicals and electricity are properties sought after by green technology manufacturers. Fluoropolymers are a superior and convenient material with which to manufacture green technology applications, from photovoltaic panels to wind turbines and lithium-ion batteries.

Benefits of fluoropolymers for green technology

Advantageous to green technology applications, fluoroplastics enjoy a range of unique properties:

  • Environmental: Resistant to weather, UV light and corrosion

  • Mechanical: Tensile strength and resistant to high working pressures

  • Electrical: High electrical resistance and dielectric strength

  • Thermal: Resistant to low and high working temperatures

  • Chemical: Total resistance to chemicals, acids and solvents

As a result, PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF are the most reliable material for green technology applications and offer the following benefits:

  • Protection against extreme weather and environments, including rain, hail, wind, humidity, UV light and extreme temperatures

  • Protection against corrosion

  • Insulation against electricity, extreme temperatures and chemicals

  • Improved durability by increasing the lifespan of components

  • Improved efficiency and safety

Green technology applications benefiting from fluoroplastics

Fluoropolymers are used in coatings, sealings and films in a range of green technology applications. They protect solar panels and wind turbines against harsh weather and insulate components and wiring against electricity and extreme temperatures.

Fluoroplastics are used in lithium-ion battery components in electric vehicles, allowing conductivity while providing safety thanks to their unique set of properties. PTFE, FEP and PFA are also used in the production and storage of hydrogen power. In green energy storage, from hydrogen to solar, they provide chemical, temperature and oxidation resistance.

Fluoropolymers can also be found in gaskets and seals in a range of renewable energy applications; they prevent leaks and environmental releases and provide efficiency and safety no other material can offer.

Fluoropolymer products used in green technology applications

To produce safe and efficient equipment, a wide range of fluoroplastic products are used in the green technology industry:

  • PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing: Fluoropolymer tubes are designed to meet severe environmental conditions while offering the highest stability.

  • Fluoroplastic heat shrink: With a choice of shrink ratios up to 4:1 and working temperatures of up to 260°C, the applications for heat shrink tubing are limitless.

  • PTFE sheet and tape, FEP film and Tedlar film: Fluoroplastic sheet, tape and film offer low coefficient friction, high working temperatures and non-stick release properties.

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