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The use of formed PTFE sheets for your applications


As the leading stockists and manufacturers of high-performance fluoroplastics, here at Adtech we are constantly striving to develop new and exciting products for our customers. PTFE sheets are one of our most recent developments, and like our specialist fluoropolymer tubes and rods, they are highly effective in a variety of business scenarios.

PTFE unique properties:

Originally developed for use in aerospace applications, PTFE is suitable for use in several industrial applications. Withstanding temperatures of -200ºC up to +260ºC whilst retaining most of its properties, PTFE is the most thermally-stable plastic. Its high melting temperature makes it the ideal substitute for other weaker plastics that have a lower melting point and are typically used for low-cost applications.

PTFE is also the lowest friction fluoroplastic, with fantastic anti-adhesive and sliding properties – so much so that it is the only known material that a gecko cannot stick to!

Alongside this, PTFE is chemical, UV and acid resistant, making our PTFE sheets an excellent purchase, able to endure even the harshest of environments.

What can PTFE sheets be used for?

PTFE sheets can bring many benefits to your business. Due to the material’s strong and highly durable properties, the sheets can be used in a wide range of applications:

Due to their non-stick and temperature-resistant qualities, they are ideal for use in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries as seals, scrapers, guides, slide bearings, insulators, washers and rollers.

In electricals, because PTFE sheets are also a great provider or electrical insulation, they can also be used as electrical cord and wire wrapping.

In the chemical industry, the sheeting can be used to make several different fluoropolymer products, from gaskets, rings and washers to vessel linings and chemical tanks.

As the UK’s leading fluoroplastics manufacturer, we can produce your PTFE sheets in a variety of thicknesses, cut them to bespoke sizes to fit your needs and can chemically etch the sheets on one side for bonding if necessary.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our PTFE Sheets.

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