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The benefits of FEP coated thermowells


In industries where temperature measurement is necessary, such as the food & drink and automotive sectors, most of the consideration is given to the type of temperature sensor that will be used and not how to protect it. This is where our FEP coated thermowells can help.

What is a thermowell?

A thermowell is a component which is designed to surround a temperature sensor, working to protect it from any harsh process conditions, such as chemicals and high temperatures. A thermowell is permanently mounted into a piece of pipe and the temperature sensor is inserted inside when necessary. Though an often forgotten about accessory when it comes to temperature management, if you emit to using a thermowell it is very likely that the sensor will become damaged and have a lesser life span as a result.

Why are thermowells indispensable?

Thermowells provide an invaluable service and offer several benefits to the temperature measurement process:

  • Protection against damage from excessive pressure, material velocity and corrosion

  • Increased lifespan to the temperature sensor

  • Allow temperature sensor replacement without the need to drain the system

  • Reduced amount of contamination

Benefits of FEP coated thermowells

There are several materials that can be used to make a thermowell, but in order to guarantee the best protection, several questions must be considered to help you decide.

  • Will the thermowell be able to withstand the very high/low temperatures?

  • Will the thermowell deteriorate during the process?

  • Will the thermowell be strong enough to resist high impact forces?

  • Will the thermowell respond to changes in temperature at a satisfactory speed?

We believe FEP is the ideal material for  encapsulating a thermowell, harbouring a number of beneficial properties.

  • Chemical resistance

  • Weather resistance

  • High impact strength

  • Non-stick coating

  • Thermal functionality

Thermowell coatings

Useful in all environments our FEP coated thermowells are available with FDA approval, in any length, with diameters ranging from 1mm to 50mm.

For applications with more complex shapes and the need for a faster temperature response, our spray coatings, available in PVDF and PTFE, are advantageous.

As it is often valuable to include the sensor element in the thermowell, we offer a complete assembly service, sourcing all components where necessary.

Here at Adtech, we are specialists in delivering innovative fluoropolymer solutions for your technical applications. Find out more about our Thermowell and Sensor Probe Coating Service.

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